Sarah Febbraro

Our Winnipeg

Our Winnipeg, 50 minute single-channel video, collaboration with participants of Art City, Winnipeg, 2011

Sarah Febbraro’s practice uses art as a tool for social engagement and invites friends, family, people she meets on the street and online or partners with community organizations and their audiences to participate in her projects. She often creates and facilitates structured programs for people to participate in such as talk shows, reality television episodes, dance classes, walking tours, video portraiture and documentary style interviews that result in online and public video screenings, installations, and performances.

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Sarah currently lives in Toronto and works as the Community Arts Programmer at Oakville Galleries, where on an ongoing basis she interviews seniors in their homes about their personal life stories. She received her MFA in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has presented her work most recently at Art Gallery of Mississauga (Mississauga), Platform Gallery (Winnipeg), Toronto Free Gallery (Toronto), Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga), Mess Hall (Chicago), Le Lobe (Chicoutimi, QC), Whitney Biennial (NYC), Disjecta Space (Portland), and Montreal Arts Interculturels (Montreal, QC).

You can view more of her work at

Global Dancing

Global Dancing, Montreal, Arts Interculturels, Montreal, QC, 2009

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