Publications and Resource Materials

The fol­low­ing is a sam­pling of pub­li­ca­tions relat­ed to art, research and ped­a­gogy. For a full list of pub­li­ca­tions please see Dr. Springgay’s uni­ver­si­ty weblink.

Miles, J. & Spring­gay. S. (2019). The inde­ter­mi­nate influ­ence of Fluxus oncon­tem­po­rary cur­ricu­lum and ped­a­gogy. Inter­na­tion­al Jour­nal of Qual­i­ta­tive Stud­ies in Edu­ca­tion, 1–15(Down­load PDF)

Rotas, N. & Spring­gay, S. (2014). How do you make a class­room oper­ate like a work of art? Deleuzeguat­tar­i­an method­olo­gies of research-cre­ation. Inter­na­tion­al Jour­nal of Qual­i­ta­tive Stud­ies in Edu­ca­tion, 28(5), 552–572. (Down­load PDF)

Rotas, N. & Spring­gay, S. (2013). ‘You Go To My Head’: art, ped­a­gogy and a pol­i­tics to come. Ped­a­go­gies, 8 (3), 278–290. (Down­load PDF)

Spring­gay, S., Tru­man, A., & S. Maclean. (2019). Social­ly Engaged Art, Exper­i­men­tal Ped­a­go­gies, and Anar­chiv­ing as Research-Cre­ation. Qual­i­ta­tive Inquiry, 1-11. (Down­load PDF)

Spring­gay, S. (2013). How to be an artist by night: Crit­i­cal pub­lic ped­a­gogy and dou­ble ontol­ogy. In J. San­dlin, M. O’Malley, & J. Bur­dick (Eds). Prob­lema­tiz­ing Pub­lic Ped­a­gogy Hand­book. (pp. 133–148). New York, NY: Routledge.

Spring­gay, S. (Autumn 2013). The ped­a­gog­i­cal impulse: Aber­rant res­i­den­cies and class­room ecolo­gies. C mag­a­zine for art and cul­ture. (Down­load PDF)

Spring­gay, S. (2012). “Night­walks with teenagers”. Visu­al Arts News, Spring, 14–15. (Down­load PDF)

Spring­gay, S. (2011) “The Chi­na­town For­ay” as sen­sa­tion­al ped­a­go­gies. Cur­ricu­lum Inquiry, 41 (5), 636–656. (Down­load PDF)

Spring­gay, S. (March 2011). “Sum­mer­hill revised”: Con­tem­po­rary art and ped­a­gogy. C mag­a­zine for art and culture.

Spring­gay, S. & Zali­ws­ka, Z. (2017): Learn­ing to be affect­ed: Mat­ters of ped­a­gogy in the artists’ soup kitchen. Edu­ca­tion­al Phi­los­o­phy and The­ory, 49(3), 273–283. (Down­load PDF)

Tru­man, S. E. in con­ver­sa­tion with Love­less, N., Man­ning, E., Myers, N., & Spring­gay, S. (2019). The inti­ma­cies of doing research-cre­ation. In N. Love­less (Ed.) Know­ings and knots: Method­olo­gies and ecolo­gies in research-cre­ation (pp. 221–251). Edmon­ton, AB: Uni­ver­si­ty of Alber­ta Press. (Down­load PDF)

Zali­ws­ka, Z. & Spring­gay, S. (2015). Dia­grams and cuts: A mate­ri­al­ist approach to research-cre­ation. Cul­tur­al Stud­ies  Crit­i­cal Method­ologies, 15(2), 136–144. (Down­load PDF)