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A series of interviews about art, pedagogy, and knowing.

The Living Archive

Annette Krauss

Documenting Secrets

Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed interview Annette Krauss Last year, Helen and Hannah introduced the idea of a ‘covert curriculum’ to a group of pre-service teachers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, in order to shape a discussion about the expectations, values, and behaviours that are unofficially learned in educational contexts. This led […]

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Doing Horizontal Work in Vertical Structures

Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling in conversation with Loree Lawrence, Syrus Marcus Ware and Pamila Matharu.

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Evening Chimes

The Most Intellectual Audience

Hannah Jickling interviews Finnish curator Henna Paunu.

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The School of Panamerican Unrest

A Bad Education

Helen Reed interviews artist and theorist Pablo Helguera.

The Living Archive

Uh-Oh: A Whoop Dee Doo Thing

Universal Children

Helen Reed interviews Children’s Variety Show Whoop Dee Doo.

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