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Fluxus was a group of avant-garde artists, poets, designers and architects. Most prolific in the 1960s and 1970s, Fluxus art practices emphasized experimentalism, chance, and the blurring of art and life. Fluxus was inspired by previous artists and movements including Dadism, Brutalism, Haiku, Marcel Duchamp and the experimental music and teaching of John Cage. Individuals […]

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Instant Class Kit is a portable curriculum guide and pop-up exhibition dedicated to socially-engaged art as pedagogy. Produced as an edition of four, the kit brings together contemporary curriculum materials in the form of artist multiples such as zines, scores, games, newspapers and other sensory objects from a diverse group of artist-educators across North America. […]

Instant Class Kit

Counter with Care

Counter with Care is a project created by Shannon Gerard and the students in her Pressing Issues course at OCAD University, in Toronto. The goals of the course are to conduct research, share knowledge, and work within the field of contemporary publication. Pressing Issues situates learning, as much as possible, outside of the classroom. There […]

Counter with Care Project

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There is an extensive history of artists making artwork in the context of their university classroom, of incorporating methods of teaching as an artistic practice, and of collaborating with students to realize works of art. For example, Joseph Beuys who was influenced by educator Rudolf Steiner, was known to develop his course on the spot […]

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EXPERIMENTS IN NEW & TIME-BASED MEDIA This course introduces students to photography and sound art basics. The approach will be conceptual. In general ideas and references to other artists will be foregrounded. Concepts of the banal and the spectacle will be examined and particular attention will be given to notions of private and public space. […]

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A Social Practice Seminar Social practice is an art form that doesn’t just make things, it makes things happen. Could you imagine art as a riot, a coffee shop talk show, an immigrant resource center, a post disaster street play, a prisoners dream house, or an invisible country? These projects show a shift within contemporary art […]

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This is not a class. It is an artwork. Even when it appears to have all the characteristics of a class (e.g. students, a teacher, a meeting time, a syllabus, assignments, a classroom space, grades, course credit, teaching and learning, etc.) it will never be a class. Much like René Magritte’s famous The Treachery of […]

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Pressing Issues

PRESSING ISSUES is a student-led course that is fully immersed in external projects and opportunities that are ongoing during the semester. The goal of Pressing Issues is to come together to conduct research, share knowledge, and work within the field of contemporary publication. There is one assignment: TO MAKE A PUBLIC. In September 2017, a group […]

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Cultural Production Workshop

Socially Engaged Art and Participatory Art practices seek to create social transformation and change using approaches borrowed from education, curating, hospitality, environmentalism, performance and institutional critique. Through an analysis of art criticism, curatorial practice (with a focus on work by Indigenous and Black curators and artists), history of museums, and art projects, students will work […]

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