This course intro­duces stu­dents to pho­tog­ra­phy and sound art basics. The approach will be con­cep­tu­al. In gen­er­al ideas and ref­er­ences to oth­er artists will be fore­ground­ed. Con­cepts of the banal and the spec­ta­cle will be exam­ined and par­tic­u­lar atten­tion will be giv­en to notions of pri­vate and pub­lic space. Stu­dents will under­take a series of projects explor­ing var­i­ous con­cepts and tech­niques for the pur­pose of devel­op­ing a foun­da­tion to a rel­e­vant, con­tem­po­rary artis­tic prac­tice.  The course will offer a broad expo­sure to con­tem­po­rary art along with crit­i­cal dia­logue and his­tor­i­cal con­text.  Some tech­ni­cal skills will be intro­duced but the main focus here is crit­i­cal think­ing. Note: Works from this class will be shown in the final exhi­bi­tion and per­for­mance project. In keep­ing with SOVA’s man­date a num­ber of First Nations art and cul­tur­al mate­ri­als will be explored.

Blog address: https://yukonartschool.wordpress.com/

Bill Burns was born into a book sell­ing fam­i­ly in Regi­na, Saskatchewan. He received an MA from Gold­smiths Col­lege in Lon­don where he worked with Ger­ard Hemsworth and John Lath­am.  Since that time his work about nature and civ­il soci­ety has been shown at the Insti­tute of Con­tem­po­rary Arts, Lon­don; the KW Insti­tute for Con­tem­po­rary Art, Berlin; the Muse­um of Mod­ern Art, New York and the Seoul Muse­um of Art, Seoul. He has pub­lished more than a dozen artist books and audio record­ings with pub­lish­ers such as Walther Konig in Cologne and Space Poet­ry in Copen­hagen. He has been Artis­tic Direc­tor of the Dogs and Boats and Air­planes choir since 2010.   His most recent book, Hans Ulrich Obrist Hear Us, (2015) is pub­lished by YYZ BOOKS, Toron­to, and Black Dog Pub­lish­ing, London.

Images from 4D Stu­dio (2018)