Cultural Production Workshop

Socially Engaged Art and Participatory Art practices seek to create social transformation and change using approaches borrowed from education, curating, hospitality, environmentalism, performance and institutional critique. Through an analysis of art criticism, curatorial practice (with a focus on work by Indigenous and Black curators and artists), history of museums, and art projects, students will work through debates, ethics and issues involved with public engagement. The course content will also include curatorial practice by Indigenous and Black curators whose work has sought to address systemic oppression such as racism, colonialism, sexism, and uneven power relations in mainstream institutions and practices. Students will then collaborate to create socially engaged and/or participatory art projects in public spaces. The course is presented using the approaches that build community within the class and will also seek to create a network of support for students who are using or interested in socially engaged, participatory art, community art or related practice in their research.

This course featured a four-day residency in Toronto’s Guild Park .

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Lisa Myers is also a musician and chef. These disciplines inform her various practices. She grew up in southern Ontario. Lisa’s Mother’s family is Anishnaabe and French from Shawanaga and Beausoleil First Nation in the Georgian Bay region, and her Dad is from English and Austrian ancestry who settled in southern Ontario. She plays guitar in Toronto based bands Long Branch and Adaptor 45.

wild blueberries and Iroquois cranberry growers’ cranberry cordial mark spaces and presences in Guild Park

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