This is not a class. It is an artwork. Even when it appears to have all the characteristics of a class (e.g. students, a teacher, a meeting time, a syllabus, assignments, a classroom space, grades, course credit, teaching and learning, etc.) it will never be a class. Much like René Magritte’s famous The Treachery of Images—where the viewers perception of a pipe is immediately rerouted to the obviousness of its being a mere picture of pipe—so will the participants of this class-not-a-class consistently oscillate between the appearance of a class and the pliable materiality of being in a class, at a specific time in history, in a location, focused on a specific topic, alongside a once-in-a-lifetime set of individuals. What this means is that this “class” is merely a set of materials and we—the participants—now need to decide what to do with that material.

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Jorge Lucero is an artist who currently serves on the faculty of the  School of Art + Design’s Art Education program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Through the permissions of conceptual art he now sees the potential of being in the academy.

Lucero received his Master degree and PhD from The Pennsylvania State University and his undergraduate degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Prior to moving into higher education Lucero happily taught art and art history in a Chicago Public School.

As part of his long-term work to test the material and conceptual pliability of “school”, Lucero serves as the co-editor of the scholarly journal Visual Arts Research. Previously Lucero served as the Instructional Resources Editor for the journal Art Education (2012-14). He currently sits on various review boards including the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education (JSTAE) and the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (jCRAE).  Lucero has been a long-time assistant editor for the Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy published by Taylor & FrancisHe actively curates that journal’s cover art.

Lucero has exhibited, published, and performed widely. Exhibitions that Lucero has participated in have been written about and covered in ArtForumSculptureNewCity; the Chicago Tribune; the Sun-TimesGaper’s BlockDNAinfo, WTTW’s Chicago; and the PBS Digital Studio.

Image: Class-not-a-class room arranged for performative reading, and group reading. Photo and project by Catalina Hernández-Cabal



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