Extra Curricular Curriculum Vitae

Extra Curricular Curriculum Vitae was an installation and series of slideshows featuring discards and detritus from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) basement. The project was the culmination of an artistic intervention by Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed within the teacher education program at OISE and produced in conjunction with the Junior/Intermediate Visual Arts Curriculum and Instruction course.

Teacher candidates drew on the educational archive and “the course of their lives” to illustrate an incidental curriculum through performative lectures. Topics included: the importance of shoes, experiencing allergies to parents, bathroom anxiety and learning through the nose.

An artwork by Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed in collaboration with Carlo Allarde, Victoria Alstein, Stephen Buchanan, Nina Camargo Ramos, Anna Choi, Matilde D’Onofrio, Sara Doutre, Lesley Giblen, Basia Gilas, Jennifer Henderson, Heather Heyland, Ana Lucia McWatt, Shera Mekhail, Victoria Olijarnyk, Alex Scott, Michael Skiperis, Sara Ubbi and Stephanie Springgay.

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