12 Mile Bay Research-Creation Residency

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Making pulp
Wet paper
Making Paper
Hand-made Paper
Hand-made Paper
Reading Barad
Rodent Skull
O'Donnell Point

Artists and Researchers spell out TPI on the dock

Mak­ing pulp

Paper pulp

Dr. Spring­gay’s paper mak­ing workshop.

Hand-made Paper

Hand-made Paper

Read­ing Barad

Cool­ing off after a heat­ed dis­cus­sion about post-humanism. 


Rodent Skull

Prac­tis­ing Deleuze and Guat­tar­i’s “Deter­ri­to­ri­al­iza­tion” on O’Don­nell Point

In Sum­mer 2013, researchers from the Ped­a­gog­i­cal Impulse sojourned on 12 Mile Bay, Geor­gian Bay for sev­er­al days to explore notions of post-human­ism and research-cre­ation through tex­tu­al analy­sis and art mak­ing. Dur­ing the event, researchers spent morn­ings con­duct­ing close read­ings of texts that focused on post-human­ism, new mate­ri­al­ism and queer ecolo­gies. Each after­noon, par­tic­i­pants explored the read­ings fur­ther through research-cre­ation engag­ing in artis­tic prac­tices includ­ing paper­mak­ing, col­lec­tive cook­ing, and film­mak­ing as ecolo­gies of co-com­po­si­tion. The event high­light­ed the impor­tance of slow­ness, new­ness, affect, and the intra-per­son­al in edu­ca­tion­al dis­course and art making.