Counter with Care

In collaboration with educator and curator Vesna Krstich, The Pedagogical Impulse is analyzing and examining the historical moment of radical pedagogies and experimental art schools, which were also influenced by Fluxus and happenings artist teachers. One of the archival documents we wish to respond to is Maurice Stein’s the Blueprint for Counter Education [] a defining work of radical pedagogy from the 1970s. The Blueprint is a box-set of materials including large graphic posters, instructional manuals, and accompanying essays, and is intended to act as a mobile curriculum. It was published in 1970 to be used as a core ‘text’ of the Critical Studies curriculum at CalArts.

Using the original Blueprint posters as a curriculum guide, we are creating a new set of largescale posters that better reflect the multiple voices (LGBTQ, BIPOC) and contemporary issues in contemporary pedagogy, and of the counter culture movement. The new curriculum maps/posters will be created collaboratively by students enrolled in artist/professor Shannon Gerard’s arts publication course “Pressing Issues” at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Through it’s program of assignments, workshops and field trips, the course will activate and reflect on the archives of radical pedagogy, and will also involve guest speakers and workshop facilitators from the local activist, academic, and artist community. In doing so, the project celebrates the historical and contemporary importance of print matter in the form of artist multiples, editions and publications as creative ‘works’ of curriculum material.

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